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Hello  @bluesriff

Welcome again!

From: Kaspersky Lab Support, Sent: Monday, 13 January 2020 15:49


The Microsoft Edge Dev browser, in which the KPM extension is supported. is a beta version of the Chromium based Edge which is targeted for release on 15 January, 2020. The availability of (Kaspersky) support for a product that is in developmetal phase is true specifically for the new Mirosoft Edge Chromium only.  Also, there is no newer version of the KPM extension at the Microsoft app store since its release in 2018.


Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows release notes Patch B

Your Topic “is total security 20.0.14 (g) going to work with the new chromium-based Microsoft edge browser”, is in Kaspersky Password Manager category, if the above, from the Lab, does not answer the question, please post back, clarify what currently does not work (for you) please?

For KTS, patch h is due, in fact some people already have it, for everybody else, we wait “patiently” for the normal staggered global distribution.

Thank you🙏

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