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Doesn't Recognize New Login


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I am using Windows 10, 1909, with Chome browser extension. I just logged into a website where the password was not stored. The key symbol was in the ID and password fields, but said that the website isn’t in the password manager. I input my ID and password and it did not ask to save it. First time this has happened. Any idea why?

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Hello @Shevek,

Thank you for replying👌

Unfortunately, I’m not able to replicated the issue, I’ve tried 3 different sites😥

When I select the profile key, I get

Then, entering the profile & password automatically opens Save in Kaspersky Password Manager prompt & Add new entry:


  1. Is Chrome the Kaspersky Password Manager default browser
  2. Is it possible that the site is in Ignored websites
  3. Are you able to repeat/test the issue with another site?
  • If the issue repeats, (imo) reset Chrome to default & reinstall Kaspersky Password Manager extension, or, you may prefer to contact Kaspersky Technical Support, they may ask for a GSI & Windows Logs and Kaspersky Password Manager Traces run as the issue is replicated, they will guide you with the steps necessary to run the Traces. 
  • After the incident is created, you’ll receive an automated email with an incident reference number INC+12 digits. A Kaspersky Technical expert/human, will contact you, normally within 5 business days, you may continue to communicate with them via email or by updating the incident in your MyKaspersky account.

Please let us know?

Thank you🙏

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Thanks Flood. Chrome is my default browser and there are no ignored websites. This is the only website I’ve had a problem with (that is, my login is completely ignored). So I’ll be on the lookout for it happening again. I’ll also try your suggestions.

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