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Does Kaspersky Premium Protect Against Botnets in Any Way?

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Hello, running Kaspersky Premium on Windows 10 Pro.

Seeing a larger number of intrustion events in the router log and I know these are botnets.

If one of these botnets attacks the network successfully, will it show in the Network Attack Blocker report?  Is there anything else I can do with Premium to protect against these?

Or is the answer an upgraded security appliance and hardware-based only?

Help would be appreciated as these are stressful for me and the router goes down once a week at this point.


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Welcome to Kaspersky Community.


I think KPlus probably can defend against them, specially via NetWork Attack Blocker module, but in this case Your 1st line of defense is the router, You may up the FireWall level of security of Your router, or think about acquire a hardware based firewall security solution.

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