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Concerns Regarding Kaspersky VPN Data Handling

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Hello comrades,

The reason for this topic is a concern that I have and that I believe that many users may also have in relation to the data handling policy in the Kaspersky VPN service.

The objective here is to discuss the opinions, concerns and needs of users.
Knowing that the VPN service has, as one of its main target audiences, politically exposed people, activists, journalists or anyone who needs privacy, anonymity and protection against political persecution, I would like to propose a debate regarding what type of data Kaspersky collected when users connect to its VPN service and how Kaspersky deals with them in case of requests from authorities.

1) Is using Kaspersky VPN safe under these conditions? What are the guarantees?
2) Does Kaspersky use RAM servers technology? Do you intend to use it one day?
3) What exactly are the logs and data currently collected and maintained by Kaspersky?
4) How long are they kept?
5) Is there any intention to use any No-LOG policy in the future?
6) Is there an intention to subject the service to some type of independent audit?



A definitive response from the team in public addressing these issues with a dedicated FAQ thread about the service would be most welcome to all users.

Thanks in advance.

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Following suit per the above, does Kaspersky collect and retain logs of VPN traffic (entry / exit nodes) and, assuming so, what is their policy on providing such info to govt and/or law enforcement, should they be pressured in doing so?

This is precisely one of the reasons I stick with another VPN, on my devices, as their policy is ZERO log retention and, hence, ZERO compliance in throwing Users under that proverbial lorrie.


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When logged My Kaspersky Portal, and choosing VPN, the following disclaimer is shown .. supporting the aforementioned concern:



Use of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection is regulated by local legislation. You may use the application only for its intended purpose and without violating local legislation.


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Thanks, Berny.  However, the content at that link does not answer my question about entry / exit node log retention.

Compare with NordVPN - their Privacy Policy clearly states that such logs are NOT retained.  What of Kaspersky??

While I have your attention, does Kaspersky offer an Android version of their software VPN, for installation on a Smart TV?  For reference, NordVPN does.

Obviously, I'm considering switching .. but not if doing so requires SACRIFICE of the above!


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