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Which was the case for myself with Anti-Virus (2 Windows PC's) using the above mentioned settings, so I uninstalled MBAM. I'm pretty sure with safe browsing and downloading habits, that Kasperky will be enough, at least for me.

But, how did Kaspersky pick up on it? I installed it after Anti-Virus, I believe I got a notice "out of the blue" of an  incompatible softwear found. Would adding it into AV Exclusion work, or is Kaspersky going to find it and flag it no matter what?

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Hi @Claw ?

I know your thread has been answered, but, when I had MBAM free version installed along side of Kaspersky, I also disabled having it start with Windows as to not have any of it's background running processes possibly be an issue. Then just loading it to run a on-demand 2nd opinion scan when wanted.

Cheers ?

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