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  1. Thanks everyone but I fixed it myself. I went back to my account and removed my device, then signed in on Kaspersky Free again and it worked just fine. Thanks for the quick replies and the help.
  2. I have already installed Kaspersky Free, but it keeps telling me I need to purchase an activation code. Why do I need to do that if it's free?
  3. I had to reinstall Windows 10 and when I went to reinstall Kaspersky Cloud Free it sent me to Kaspersky Free which is fine with me. But after installing Kaspersky Free it says I can't activate it without an activation code, which I have to purchase. Why do I need to do that if it's free?
  4. I'm using Kaspersky Security Cloud Free and so far it doesn't automatically update, every update I've had to manually do. it just says automatic update failed. Maybe someone here can give me a reason why it's not updating?
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before but, I use Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, can I install Malwarebytes Free since Malwarebytes Free doesn't have realtime protection?
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