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Choose password manger?

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3 hours ago, Hansen said:

How do I choose Kaspersky Password Manager in android phone settings so it is Kaspersky password manager that makes my password every time I have to make a new password? 

Hello @Hansen


Don't change *anything* in Android phone settings - as long as the Android meets these requirements, Kaspersky Password Manager for Android - Hardware and software requirements - as long as *you* do not have any of the browsers automatically managing the passwords & as long as KPM is being used correctly - all KPM operations will be seamless:

In the Android, Settings, Apps - KPM App info - should look exactly like this:Screenshot_20240112-212903_Settings.thumb.jpg.ff73252e3dcf0e7d8249e9219e55e2c7.jpg

  1. Is there a problem? 

IF *yes*, tell us more information, we need to know errors, site name & we need to see what you see please - hide any private information before posting please? 

Thank you🙏


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