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can someone please tell me how to cancel this dang thing? I logged in fine, couldn't find what I needed, asked the help bot who sent me a link, but now when i try to sign in to 'manage subscriptions/renewal' my password wont work (even though it worked not 5 minutes before on the same site), tried the reset password but its button wont let you even press it after entering the email. Tried to email support but it's in a different language that I can't seem to change. I'm so annoyed, sorry if this shows that. Please tell me if i'm just missing something so i can have a 'well im stupid' moment but finally have this done.

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Hello @Boo1234

Thank you for posting back!

  • Cancelling the subscription depends on "You can disable auto-renewal through the provider from whom you bought the license it's detailed in: How to disable license auto-renewal for Kaspersky solutions for home
  • You can only cancel auto-renewal of your license via My Kaspersky if you purchased the license via your My Kaspersky account, is that what you did when you first purchased the software?
  • On the Support page, can you access Chat or Phone support, in your language? 
  • Also, have you tried another browser or reset the browser to clear it if it's forcing the Kaspersky page to appear in a page with a the language that's causing a problem? 
  • On the MyKaspersky home page, can you select the globe, (next to the Support icon), then select the language - see attached image below



select your language.jpg

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