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Can you use two password mangers

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16 hours ago, Puzzled said:

Can you use two password mangers at the same time, say Kaspersky password manager  and sticky password manager? or would it cause problems ?

Hello @Puzzled


There's nothing in the KPM documentation, Limitations and warnings, that discusses running KPM alongside other password managers, however, if you've not purchased a KPM subscription, we suggest you test the scenario by installing KPM Free with the other password manager, fully test, before you invest, then you can make an informed decision. 

A word of advice if we may, some people have got mixed up, when they've tried to manage multiple password managers & or, storing passwords in a password manager & in their browsers, they find they're having to update in different resources, multiple times, that can be messy & (to us) seems like extra work... 

Thank you?


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