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  1. Can you use two password mangers at the same time, say Kaspersky password manager and sticky password manager? or would it cause problems ?
  2. Hi Igor here is the ticket number i have just received INC000011900367, as usual when you want something to go wrong it never does i did not get the error today, thank you for your help with this issue.
  3. when updating i notice error message which is listed as critical error ;https://s05.upd.kaspersky.com/updates/pas5/data.check.keb;Error verifying application databases and modules;https://s05.upd.kaspersky.com/updates/pas5/data.check.keb;https://s05.upd.kaspersky.com/updates/pas5/data.check.keb;Web page;Active user;Today, 15/09/2020 11:18;0.00 KB;Today, 15/09/2020 11:25
  4. harlan 4096 thank you very much for your swift response to my question.
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