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Can allowed application be not counted in total allowed time?

Pawel L

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My scenario is that my son has some applications which he needs to be able to use while schooltime, e.g. Microsoft Teams. I don't want them to count in total allowed time, since I never know how much time he will have to use them.

Can I configure KSK so after school he can play games, and do other activities for 2 hours, regardless of how much time he has been used Teams to this point (this can be even longer than day limit)?

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Hello @Pawel L


Sadly it's not possible to exclude an app from being monitored so an *allowed application* will not be counted in total allowed time. 

The issue has been escalated to the KSK developers, however, there's no guarantee that it will be developed, nor any timeframe, they log these type of requests as 'suggestions' & advise they may take months or years to develop, if at all, but helpfully suggest we "keep an eye out"😒

Thank you🙏


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