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Brave Browser Kaspersky Protection extension


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I am trying to install kasperysky protection on brave browser however i managed to install but extension is not working on brave i tried to do complete reinstallation of kaspersky security cloud but still no able to run the extension it is grey although it is working fine on Firefox 

Screenshot 2022-09-25 210810.png

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@Igor Kurzin Hi, i do it exactly after every update brave must rename :classic_sad:. And also if brave.exe is renamed to chrome.exe kaspersky protection working but if i want use kaspersky password manager addon then not working. This addon only works with original brave.exe.

KP (kaspersky protection) works with chrome.exe
KPM (kaspersky password manager) works only with brave.exe

People use more and more often brave browser. So why dont support this browser from kaspersky?
Original chrome is data collector and this browser is supported by kaspersky hmm...

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