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Backup and Restore

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23 minutes ago, Ben07 said:
  1. Why is the only online storage option Dropbox?
  2. Is there any way to add others like google drive?

Hello @Ben07


  1. Kaspersky experts have never provided a satisfactory answer as to why the only online storage option is Dropbox. 
  2. No. 
  3. You may wish to log request, with Kaspersky support, however, the issue has been logged, in the past, it's never been resolved, despite being raised/requested by numerous Kaspersky subscribers -> select either Chat or Email, then fill in the Feedback, I have a complaint or Feedback, I have a suggestion template. 

Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 



Kaspersky Basic | Standard | Plus - About Online storage

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As Kaspersky Backup and Restore can use a local hard drive as your back up location, you could try mounting your Google account as a local hard drive, using Air Live Drive, RaiDrive or Rclone.

They will, for free, create a writable local/network hard drive. Simply mount the drive prior to back up and Kaspersky should then see your Google Drive, as a standard hard drive.

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