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Anti-Phishing notification

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I keep getting a notification that a link is being blocked on iOS. The notification comes up 3x in the matter of 10 minutes for the same link as well as happening multiple times a day. It has been doing this for the last 3 days in a row. It does not tell me or show me where to find it. I don’t know if its in a browser page on my or in an email or wherever. Any ideas what I can do to figure out where to find this link so I can remove it?

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@Chad T Welcome.

15 hours ago, Chad T said:

where to find this link so I can remove it?

Please see → About Anti-Phishing

"Anti-Phishing checks not only the links you open, but also online activity of the apps"
? Please clear your Browser cache and check for eventual suspicious apps ?

Statistics :

"When Anti-Phishing is on, you can monitor the real-time statistics:

  • How many sites, or more specifically domains, were checked while you were using the device
  • How many malicious links were blocked by Anti-Phishing"
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Hi there, I’ve suddenly started getting several notifications about 15x a second from the iOS app, it’s absurd. Is there no way to see a log of what is being blocked? I have cleared browser cache and there is no change, I haven’t downloaded any new apps in several months, so I don’t know what could possibly have changed in the last couple of hours. 
thank you for any assistance!


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This same thing popped up for me. I  disabled these useless notifications at the beginning.

It’s very poor UX if it doesn’t tell me which link, by which app, couldn’t be scanned. This should go directly to product management for evaluation and fix on a UX, and consequently UI end.

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On 4/14/2024 at 4:19 PM, Berny said:


Please see my Post above your Post. Also , did you clear your Browser cache ? Only TS can analyze and fix this issue that I never encountered on my side 🤔

Support wasn't helpful at all. Every time I turned to them to report something (and I found many bugs) they asked for logs, which I provided, and in the end nothing got solved. I stopped sending tickets when they asked me to install beta versions of products/Testflight versions that can't coexist with stable versions so I can run one to test and another to use as a stable product.

A company this big has the resources to test with many versions of iPhone models yet they don't seem to be doing that.

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