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Activation KIS (exceeded the maximum number of activations)

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem concerning KIS. I have a 10 devices key for 2 years. I tried to activate it to a device and I received the error message that I have exceeded the maximum number of activations. Of course I have added the key to my Kaspersky account. My family owns 7 pcs were I use the program. I suppose the problem exists because I often making clean installations of Windows. I have send message to support concerning the problem. Can anyone help me and advice me how can I take an activation backup in order to use it to new installation in order to avoid this condition in the future? Of course to all me other devices KIS is working properly and I have about of 280 days remaining.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for replying to me.

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I have made support tickets to this form yesterday. I am waiting for support to reply.

You know, it is a bit disappointing and disturbing for me what was happened ?.

I use Kaspersky Internet Security since 2006, and of course, always with the use of paid valid keys.

I hope and wish everything will be solved.


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My problem solved!!!

Despite the fact that I made the ticket in English, support responded to my native language.

Many thanks to support!!! One more very important reason to continue using Kaspersky services!!!

All the best to everyone that tried to help me and to support section!!!

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