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  1. I want to thank both of you, andrew75 and Berny, for replying and helping me! Be well and take care!
  2. Good morning to everyone, I would like to ask the following: if I purchase a key from Kaspersky site now can I use it for first time after one or 18 or 24 months? Do I have to use it into the following weeks? I use Kaspersky since 2006 and my question has to do with the fact that I found the pricing offer very good and, why noy, to purchase a key now for the future. I want to thank every one in advance ;)
  3. My problem solved!!! Despite the fact that I made the ticket in English, support responded to my native language. Many thanks to support!!! One more very important reason to continue using Kaspersky services!!! All the best to everyone that tried to help me and to support section!!!
  4. I have made support tickets to this form yesterday. I am waiting for support to reply. You know, it is a bit disappointing and disturbing for me what was happened ?. I use Kaspersky Internet Security since 2006, and of course, always with the use of paid valid keys. I hope and wish everything will be solved.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a problem concerning KIS. I have a 10 devices key for 2 years. I tried to activate it to a device and I received the error message that I have exceeded the maximum number of activations. Of course I have added the key to my Kaspersky account. My family owns 7 pcs were I use the program. I suppose the problem exists because I often making clean installations of Windows. I have send message to support concerning the problem. Can anyone help me and advice me how can I take an activation backup in order to use it to new installation in order to avoid this condition in the future? Of course to all me other devices KIS is working properly and I have about of 280 days remaining. I would like to thank everyone in advance for replying to me.
  6. It is time now for me to renew my KIS. I use it since 2006. Do you think worth upgrading from KIS to KTS? Any ideas are welcome! Thank you for your time!
  7. @George1979 The ip is but it is a different router models than mine. In my case I have installed KIS to my “fixed” pc and to my laptop, and with KIS 21 both cannot access
  8. @George1979 Till KIS 20 there was no any problem. I tested the ip address to other pc of my family/relatives who use KIS 21 but different routers. They do not have the same problem. So the issue is a feature that some routers have, which was not leading to a block to prior KIS versions.
  9. @Flood and Flood's wife Well not really a solution, but a way to reach your router’s interface. Normally we should have direct access with Something off topic, at version I cannot find the performance section and gaming mode. I ask it here because I did not find anything to forum search. Thank you!
  10. @Flood and Flood's wife I contacted support but everything they proposed led to failure. So, after a point that I was tired to continue I ‘ve just simply given up. As I wrote before, the only way to reach was to uninstall KIS 21. Even having it on pause or completely closed, not to start, the result was the same. It has to do with KIS 21 it self because I made the same using my laptop without having different results. @George1979 Yes it happens with every bowser I have installed in my system, Microsoft Explorer, Microsoft Edge (new chromium based), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in normal and “private” modes. I have everything updated, Windows 10 pro, Drivers, BIOS, Firmware for all devices. What I ‘ve done to move on? Well having KIS 21 uninstalled I realized that from the address, because of router’s menu, was becoming I added this address to my favorites and I can access it with KIS 21 installed and active.
  11. @Berny Just tested your recommendation but still the same. By the way, I would like to thank all of you for your support ;)
  12. Yes, problem is still there, even if I set trusted urls or pause the protection completely. Problem goes away if I uninstall KIS. As I realized many others have the same problem concerning other forum posts.
  13. After installing latest KIS version I cannot reach my routers web interface (The connection was reset) If I connect with my cell phone I can use without any problems. I tried network reset commands but nothing happened. My internet connection works perfectly. Moreover I can ping the address without issues. I read to many web forums that KIS is the problem. If I "Pause Protection" problem is still here. I decided to uninstall KIS and everything was working fine with Then I installed KIS again and problem returned at once. The version that I use is KIS I did not have any problems with KIS 20 and prior versions. Please HELP!
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