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[000011144421] Kaspersky Password Manager user interface does not work [Solved]

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After the new installation of Kaspersky Password Manager, before the system restarts, the icon in the system notification bar disappears. Checking Task Manager shows that the gui process disappears and the service process is still there. After that, whether it is manual or system restart, Kaspersky Password Manager User interface never works. Check the official support article and find that there are similar problems, but after reinstalling the password manager according to the prompts, the problem is still there. Would you like to ask if you have similar problems? How to solve it? Thank you!
Attached there are two logs generated when the password manager is running, I don't quite understand, please help me to see, thank you!
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Hello  @aequitas,


Please tell us:

1Operating system name, version & build?
2KPM version & patch?

3 In the (KPM Application) Automatic startup section, is KPM configured to start at operating system startup



4 In Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Notification Area Icons, how is KPM configured? 


5 “official support article”, please provide the url for this document? 

6 Windows Updates, are all updates applied with a “Successful” status? 

7 Please detail the steps taken when KPM was uninstalled & reinstalled?

Please check:

Computer requirements

Kaspersky Password Manager doesn’t start after installation or has stopped working - even tho this help doc doesn’t specifically address “KPM icon in the system notification bar disappears, TaskManager: KPM gui process disappears”, the help document does provide recovery guidelines for any abnormal behaviours after installing KPM. 

8 TaskManager KPM processes, may we have an image please?


  • As you’ve reinstalled KPM, please provide:

🅰 GSI & Windows Logs, upload zip folder to cloud & post link please? 

🅱  Video of the issues please?  

Please post back? 

Thank you🙏


How to install Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows

Windows KPM Library

KPM Release notes


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Hello  @aequitas,

Thank you for replying.

  1. GSI & Windows logs, may run for a long time, that’s fine, allow it to complete and post with the other data when it’s ready please?
  2. If you’re able to open KPM application, select 3 horizontal bars (Application menu), select About, copy paste the version information please? 

Thank you. 


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2.Uninstall from the control panel, and then install from the password manager management portal of Kaspersky's main interface

3.kaspersky security cloud licensed. However, I installed kaspersky security cloud through the online installation package of kaspersky total security through installation parameters

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Hello @aequitas,

Thank you for replying🙏 .

  • ❔ When the KPM Traces were collected, was Tracing enabled, the system shutdown, restarted and the Traces collected? 

➡ If not, please follow those steps to rerun the KPM Traces⬅

  • ➡ & please raise a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, please include the KPM Traces, the GSI & Windows Logs, and a detailed history. 

Also, I’ve sent a msg to @Wesly.Zhang  & or @Ylive  to assist if they can.

Thank you. 


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Hello @aequitas,

Thank you for replying.

Please include the full logs.zip with the other data when you open a case with Kaspersky Technical Support. When the case is submitted, you’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12 digits reference, then, normally, within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Lab Technical expert will contact you to provide assistance.

Please let us know the outcome when it’s available?

Thanks you🙏 . 


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Well done, but I don't know if it is done right, the request number is: INC000011144421 Actually this problem is estimated to be related to the latest version of the kaspersky password manager application. I just experimented on a virtual machine. The situation is the same. If you have time, you can try it. Restart the system after the installation is complete and you should see the results immediately

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I know this issue. I have also encounter this in China.


The process of this problem is that:

  1. start kpm.exe /start, two same name processes display and run in SYSTEM and your user account and kpm_services.exe with SYSTEM account user by KAV/KIS/KTS in its first start. it is OK Now.
  2. right-click its system tray icon and select quit and then kpm.exe with SYSTEM account doesn’t exit and leftover its process.

  3. You run its desktop icon shortcut and kpm.exe with “your accout user”  will run and then it will be terminated by kpm_services.exe bacause there is another kpm.exe with “SYSTEM” account user is running.

22:54:47.880    0x1e00  ALW Register UI begin on session 1, pid 7708
22:54:47.880    0x1e00  DBG Purge unused sessions
22:54:47.880    0x1e00  ALW Process 7708 by session 1 is already registered
22:54:47.880    0x1e00  DBG rmt EKAConnection::SendReceive called, session 454059647203388
22:54:47.880    0x1e00  DBG Try to unregister process 7708
22:54:47.880    0x1e00  DBG Session of unregistered process 7708 is 1
22:54:47.880    0x1e00  DBG Try to unregister session 1
22:54:47.880    0x1e00  DBG Session 1 unregistered
22:54:47.880    0x1e00  DBG Unregister UI on session 1, pid 7708, result is 0x00000000
22:54:52.086    0x33b8  INF gt::common::ui::UiManager::WaitUiTerminationProcess is terminated with id 7708 exit code: 3221225477


After you terminate kpm.exe and kpm_services.exe, It is still be terminated by kpm_serives.exe when you run kpm, So you can not load KPM GUI.


09:43:24.582    0x2418  DBG gt::common::ui::UiManager::StartUiWithArgs Ready to start process: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Password Manager 9.0.2\kpm.exe" 09:43:24.592    0x2418  DBG gt::common::ui::UiManager::StartUiWithArgs CreateProcessAsUser - success 09:43:24.592    0x2418  DBG gt::common::ui::UiManager::StartUiWithArgs Add task to wait ui termination 09:43:24.592    0x3a44  DBG gt::common::ui::UiManager::WaitUiTermination Wait ui termination of process id: 14012

I analyze the traces for this issue. I don’t know WHY??????????????????????????????


But I am not sure the reason for leading this issue. There is a error in verifying  dbghelp.prg. But I think it is not a main problem. But I want to know does someone could open KPM with g patch? How about the md5/SHA1 hash on dbghelp.prg


0x1e00  DBG gt::sign_checker::IsDskmSignCorrect
22:54:47.669    0x1e00  DBG gt::sign_checker::`anonymous-namespace'::HelperWithTracer::TryGetShortFileName
22:54:47.669    0x1e00  DBG gt::sign_checker::`anonymous-namespace'::ExtractorWithTracer::ExtractDskmKeys
22:54:47.669    0x1e00  INF File with signatures: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Password Manager 9.0.2\dbghelp.prg"
22:54:47.669    0x1e00  DBG gt::sign_checker::`anonymous-namespace'::HelperWithTracer::CheckDskmSignature
22:54:47.669    0x1e00  DBG gt::sign_checker::`anonymous-namespace'::HelperWithTracer::CheckDskmSignatureImpl
22:54:47.669    0x1e00  DBG gt::sign_checker::`anonymous-namespace'::HelperWithTracer::CreateKeyList
22:54:47.780    0x1e00  DBG Failed to check signature. Error 0xc58506ed


In my side, md5:EAF821D2AC21576096D597208462D31B   



C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Password Manager 9.0.2\dbghelp.prg

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Hello  @Wesly.Zhang,

Thanks for joining:

  • KPM, working, no problem.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Password Manager 9.0.2\dbghelp.prg

  • Kaspersky Online File Reputation:


  • VT: 


 Hi, flood


Thank you.😄  Now, I have a suspicious question for KL. What’s the problem on this case. 🤔

PS. What’s the process “kpm.exe” running as SYSTEM or your account username?

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 Hi, flood

Thank you.😄  Now, I have a suspicious question for KL. What’s the problem on this case. 🤔

​PS. What’s the process “kpm.exe” running as SYSTEM or your account username?

Hello @Wesly.Zhang

You’re welcome!

2 KPM exes, my account name


OK, Thanks. Now I contract with KL Chinese engineer to send a problem request. Let them to

investigate this issue. If I have any information, I will post here.

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Hello  @Wesly.Zhang,

Is  “show processes from all users” ☑ checked? 

Hi, Flood


Could you please help me check these files version on your side, These files are locate in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Password Manager 9.0.2’ Are they the same to me?

kpm.exe / kpm_service.exe / kpm_isolation.exe


and please check the update files on the ‘https://s01.upd.kaspersky.com/updates/bin/kpm92p/’ also the same to me?


I think KL update sources in china doesn't have kpm patch f and g…...

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  • Solution

Hello Wesly,

  • kpm.exe
  • kpm_isolation.exe
  • kpm_service.exe


All kpm exes





Now, I know the reason for this issue. I will share some information to our chinese technogly support engineer.

Does KPM patch e also has a start problem in its history? Because I see a support article let the user who have this problem to uninstall the problem and download a newest installation file to install.

Many thanks !

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First at all, We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We have reported this issue to our headquarter development department, which will be dealt with in priority.

We are in communication with you on INC000011144421 at the same time.

If there is any new information, we will reply you as soon as possible.



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