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  1. ah alright got it. thanks for help
  2. so after my current subscription expires then only my new subscription will begin, so eventually i will have 100+365 days of protection . Am I right?
  3. HI ! I currently have a KTS subscrption with around 100 days validity left, so i wanna knew if i purchase a new KTS subscription and use that key to activate my product , Will my current KTS subscription remains or renewed? Like will i get 100+365 days of subscrtiption?
  4. Sorry for bothering you again, but every time I put my KTS license on renewal page it keeps showing me KTS renewal option instead of plus, how can I renew for a plus subscription then?
  5. Ah! Looks like we are stuck on KTS 21.3 for now, they should at least allow us to upgrade to kaspersky standard for free, instead of ghosting us.
  6. Thanks for the info, but it is really weird of them not providing free upgrade to their best legacy product.
  7. Is it possible to upgrade KTS to Kaspersky standard for free , since KIS user can do it
  8. Will it be free, or I have to purchase a new subscription, since I already have an year of subscription left.
  9. When will the new version of Kaspersky (Basic, Standard and Plus) will be rolled out in India. Also what will happen to KTS users will they be allowed free upgrade to kaspersky plus?
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