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  1. Well done, Kaspersky! The new version contains kill switch function.
  2. In my experience, improvements come much faster if product weaknesses are discussed publicly too 😉
  3. Many VPNs have ability to protect the genuine public IP address from being leaked in the case of an unexpected connection drop-out. I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that there is no such feature offered by Kaspersky Secure Connection. This is a question to Kaspersky. Are you planning to add Kill-Switch option to the product?
  4. It is a widespread practice in the industry to use scripts as Kaspersky does. The script itself and/or URL from which it is downloaded can identify the vendor of the product with or without any ID. So, the conclusion made by the author of the article is silly. Moreover, use of terms such as spying (including deliberate brand distortion), bank trojans and data leakage, where discovered fault allowed very limited web tracking, clearly indicates that the article is obviously biased.
  5. So, some experiments have been done. Currently, 2FA is available not only internally, but also in some region. However, the email can be changed without any notification for any of the accounts (with or without 2FA). This possibility seems to me very dangerous for accounts without 2FA, as account can be easily stolen if someone gets credentials from leaked databases, etc.
  6. Thank you! It seems that this channel is useless to get a clear and accurate answer to such questions.
  7. Ok, I was patient enough to listen support texts :) Now please answer to my question. Does Kaspersky plan to introduce My Kaspersky account protection with two-factor authentication?
  8. I currently see a My Kaspersky account with a simple password protection. What's more, I can change the email address for this account without any notification to the old email address. Where is the bank's standard protection here?
  9. Are you serious? I don't believe my eyes. In fact, 2FA for me is one of the key factors to recommend Kaspersky products or not. At a time of gigantic leakages, offering protection control accounts without optional 2FA is frenzy. Double frenzy from the cyber security company.
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