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  1. Thank you for your responses to my question. I think from what you have said I have about 2 years. I have many Windows 7 machines that only seem to work with Kaspersky which in itself is rather odd. I also have two Windows 10 machines running Windows Defender. I did try the update route to Windows 10 on one of my machines and after downloading a big (installation ?) file I was greeted by an error message either saying my CPU or Graphics were not compatible. I searched online and other people had / have the same problem and the solution seemed mixed, something about trying to update “certain” drivers. Unfortunately I didn’t keep a note of the error message. In my case I generally don’t persevere with something if it cannot be sorted quickly .All my Windows 7 machines are the same model V3515 Fujitsu but some have different CPU processors and if I do get Win 10 installed on them I am limited to 2GB of Ram so everything will be slow. Windows 7 isn’t exactly speedy either.
  2. My original post asking for the details of how long Kaspersky would support Windows 7 (Kaspersky Security Cloud) and my topic was merged with another by the moderator who referred me to https://support.kaspersky.com/common/compatibility/15333?_ga=2.239010880.1364532550.1584808821-996105971.1584808821 I could not find the details their, despite looking at several pages…….. It is a simple question ,how long will Kaspersky support Windows 7 ?
  3. Cannot see this question posted elsewhere. I have a few WINDOWS 7 machines with Kaspersky Security Cloud FREE installed. Could someone at Kaspersky advise how long you hope to continue supporting this operating system. Thank you
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying. When I run chkdsk using” Does the “recently installed software” error repeat running chkdsk via command?” to my surprise it worked fine. Also running chkdsk afterwards by the usual method reported no problems. So everything is OK now. One of lifes mysteries.
  5. Using Windows 7 I run Windows chkdsk utility and everything is ok. But when I run a Kaspersky Security Cloud (free) definition update chkdsk no longer works and it says a recently installed software is stopping it from working. This happens on all my Windows 7 machines. If I revert the drive to February chkdsk works fine but if I immediately then instal Kaspersky definitions update, and then run chkdsk again I get the error. Can someone advise if this is a known error. Thanks.
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