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  1. salad support answered my question and they said that contact kaspersky for this problem that we dont have anything to do with this.
  2. yes i am trying to use my computer as a mining host. yes the computer have sufficient resources, including bandwidth to do so. yes i have added exclusions the salad recommends. i will contact salad support for this which will they answer on coming monday or tuesday. ISP says that they are allowing all sites not blocking anything which salad uses. i dont use vpn for salad app. i have discontinued its use a long time ago. i contacted kaspersky support and they said to ask here in forums to get the answer. kaspersky application was detecting salad when i didnot added the exclusions in scan but not now. only this blocking cryptojacking problem comes up. please help.
  3. i have added to exclusion the salad app but still kaspersky is blocking it. its blocking it for about 4 hours and then disables my wifi as you can see in screenshots so that i have to restart my pc to again use the internet. also any internet page loads very slowly when the kaspersky free antivirus is on mode. please help. i am not able to surf internet due to kaspersky. i have to restart my pc and do exit kaspersky option to access internet. please help. my version of operating system is microsoft windows 11 version 22H2 os build 22621.1778. my kaspersky is kaspersky free antivirus with version.
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