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  1. Have discovered that my passwords for KIS, PW Manager and this Forum is the same. I would like to upgrade PW Manager to premium using my visa. I get as far as entering password but, using KIS password is not recognised! Surely it isn't my Visa one as in all my other transactions this isn't required as long as I enter card details.
  2. Hank you very much Berny for very prompt reply. Unfortunately I am becoming more confused 😕' will sit on this until I calm myself my wife is here also. Appreciated, regards Sellick
  3. Am in a care home and have lost my password - again. Very much appreciate assistance please.
  4. Apologise for late reply. All now ok. Many thanks.
  5. Win 10 - 64 KIS 17/5/21 Purchased download of winzip 24 blocked
  6. Two requests please: How can I remove Password Manager, How can I remove KIS
  7. @Berny Thank you for prompt reply. Am in a Care Home so cannot get any personal assistance. The first time I decided to try Manager in many years of using KIS has proven unsuccessful. Far too convoluted. I will remain with present one. Your Community Forum has changed since I last used it. Regards
  8. Recently purchased PW Manager. I forgot my master password and have, several times, tried to follow procedure without success. Each time I try I cannot complete either because I cannot retrieve vault. My renew request states “incorrect password”. After many years with KIS I regret that, unless I can resolve, I may either change provider or accept purchase loss for PM.
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