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  1. Olá! A senha do usuário KLAdmin provavelmente foi configurada no momento da instalação, este usuário funciona como Administrador no Kaspersky e solicita a senha para realizar determinadas ações. Você pode obter mais informações neste tópico. Caso não saiba qual é a senha, deverá entrar em contato com o suporte. Na parte inferior da página é possível visualizar as formas disponíveis para entrar em contato com o suporte.
  2. Hi! I have the same problem. Windows Version: Windows 10 Version 21H1 (Operating System Build 19043.1645) Windows 10 Home Single Language Kaspersky Total Security Version: (i) The files were backed up on demand, I don't remember the size of the backup, but I estimate it at approximately 120GB, without using encyption. The last backup was made in August 2021. Today, when trying to verify the restoration of files by opening the "Backup" folder, opened a Kaspersky Restore Utility window and keep loading without displaying anything. I tried to run the backup again on demand and after 4 hours, an error occurred, and it was not even at 20%. Since the backup wouldn't load, I decided to delete all backups and create separate backup jobs using encryption on backups. The first backup consists of 4,294 folders, 31,633 files and a size of 3.10 GB. (28 minutes long) The second backup consists of 4,301 folders, 47,162 files, and 12.60 GB. (44 minutes long) After performing these two backups, I decided to check the restore. When opening the "Backup" folder, the Kaspersky Restore Utility window opens asking for the password, I enter the password and loads the information of the first backup as shown in image 1. Image 1 As there is more than one backup task, through image 2, it is possible to select which backup job I want to restore, I selected the other option and displayed the message "Please wait... Loading information about backup copies", and the error message mentioned as in image 3 appeared. Image 2 Image 3 The software language is in Portuguese.
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