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  1. I re-run the backup, 36 files in 19.99 GB. It's exactly the same result as before, no files listed in the restore window, no option to check the All Data checkbox, the same message in the Restore utility. Thx.
  2. The schedule backups were run on a scheduled weekly basis: 84495 files/230.87 GB 91 files/20.30GB 2765 files/20.74 GB All 3 backups show the identical result. It's either blank if viewed via Backup and Restore - Restore Files window or produces “Too many files...” message if viewed via Windows Explorer- double click backup folder - which opens out Kaspersky Restore Utility. Screenshots from the second job is attached. I have not run another session yet for that selection. I can repeat but gives me little comfort since I can’t view or restore any previous ones. I guess one of my concerns here is to understand the reason for the error, as I need to trust my backup software. If it “just” starts working, I just don’t know when/why it could stop working again. I trust you can understand my concern here. Thanks.
  3. the 3 backups - are already identical 3 repeated jobs, covering the same folders, just on different dates. Trying to select restore from any of the 3 dates produces the same results. Thanks.
  4. Hello, The requested test worked as supposed to. I created the same number of folders (7) and populated with similar data (docs, pictures, videos, music, favorites, other files), just with a small set each. Was able to view them after the backup and did a restore. So it seems to me that I am hitting some issue in the app with the size of data or number of files that triggers the message I described. Looks like its code logic, otherwise, where does such a message would come from? It appears as part of the Kaspersky Restore Utility app, not from the OS. I wonder now if there is an undocumented limit to the backup size with a trial version?
  5. the test backup was a single target folder with files, the actual backup job contained multiple folders. That's about it.
  6. The backup job was created as Scheduled - Weekly, but the first job was triggered manually. Few selected folders were chosen as sources (documents, pictures, etc) The user is a local Admin, if that's what you are asking, there is no domain, it's a home PC, if not, a screenshot of the intended question would be helpful. The test backup with just a few files to the same target location (F drive) worked just fine. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am running Windows 10 Pro, OS Build 19041.1415. Security Cloud version Re-attaching the screenshot with a message I described, it displayed via the Kaspersky Restore Utility window when opening Windows Explorer and then a backup folder. The Kaspersky Security Cloud Restore window (that you demonstrated) does not give me that message. It only shows “All Data” check box with no option/response to select it, as per my first screenshot. I have only one profile to use or select from (unless I am missing the meaning of your question) I am not sure how the backup could be improperly configured, since I have three error-free backup jobs in the history with zero errors reported. The first full backup reported 84495 files and 230.87 GB The last backup reported 2765 files and 20.74 GB Thanks for looking into this.
  8. Oh, wow, I just attempted to open the backup folder from the windows explorer view and the Restore Utility now shows the window with a message: There are too many files in the storage to display This is awful for a backup tool...The backup only includes all the usual user data. Folks from Kaspersky - any comments?
  9. I have a trial version of Security Cloud v21.3.xx which I am currently evaluating before purchasing. I use it to make three backup copies so far to a secondary local disk and the report shows no errors. But when I log in to view files for the restore, all I see “All data” option but no ability to select it, nothing happens when I click it. Screenshot attached. The same happens when I change the backup date for all three copies. I know the password for backup is correct. So what is the proper way to select files for the restore? Thanks!
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