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  1. no one uses Kaspersky VPN reporting this issue.. people claiming the same issue with different VPN software..
  2. I have the same Issue... normal VPN is working.. as soon i activated split tunneling .. connection is blocked..Im using proton VPN.. Windows diagnosticas show following in chrome Details zu Netzwerksicherheit Diagnose: Einstellungen, die möglicherweise die Verbindung blockieren: Anbietername: Kaspersky Lab Provider Anbieterbeschreibung: Kaspersky Lab WFP Traffic processing filter Provider Filtername: Kaspersky Lab WFP Traffic processing filter cbr ALE_AUTH_CONNECT_V4 filter Anbieterkontextname: - disabling kaspersky security doesnt help.. only when i completly close kasperksy VPN split tunneling behaves normal again .. seems this issue came with the last kaspersky update..
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