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  1. I have since messaged support and received the following INC# INC000010874560
  2. Hello FLOOD and SupR-Pingou, I have not "yet" reported to Technical Support, will try and get a brief message out to them shortly. Thank you SupR-Pingou what you have pointed out seems to be absolutely correct that it was the cache that was still giving me images on many of the App store tabs. As when I started up my iMac this morning, almost everything populated in the App Store, surprisingly even the first "Features" tab had populated fully. see below Although, when I followed the following: https://macreports.com/mac-cannot-connect-to-app-store-fix/ I was back to an empty "Features" and "Top Charts" tab, "cannot connect to the app store". The following tabs populating, but with some missing images. You may be able to suggest a better cache clearing as I do not believe I am doing so completely. If I turn NIS Protection off, all Mac App Store tabs completely and fully populate with all images. Best regards, Peter
  3. This is what I have; refer to image below which includes the small "About" dialogue box that does show the "a" Best regards ✊
  4. Edit: I spoke too soon. I am still getting the "Cannot Connect To The App Store" on the Home Screen which is the "Features" tab. The other tabs; Top Charts, Categories, Purchased and Updates seem to be populating fully with images etc. They did not at first, but after turning protection off, opening app store, closing app store, turning protection on and restarting the iMac, it seems to work properly with the exception of the first screen "Featured" which shows "Cannot Connect To The App Store" Though I am happy with the improvement with the lates KIS version I had the same problem in not being able to access the App Store on my 2011 iMac running High Sierra. The problem began a few days back. After countless fix attempts, to no avail, with the help Uncle Google, I finally thought that maybe Kaspersky Internet Security is the culprit. When I disabled it, the App store finally worked. Then I found this discussion, upgraded to and it now is working fine. Thanks to everyone on this thread!
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