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  1. This latest install was the same version as the previous one installed yesterday. KAV did the update automatically as part of its "update check" *and* after it failed to start all components and suggested I re-install KAV... so, the update effectively did nothing other than re-install. Long story short, the Mac App Store was ok before and after the latest re-install.
  2. Ok, the install finally completed (took roughly 20 minutes total). It does not make sense why it had to re-install the exact same version because the kaspersky self-requested update failed.... maybe the prior update (yesterday) was incomplete. In any case, it's up and running now.
  3. Some console log information: failed to fetch /Library/Application Support/Kaspersky Lab/KAV/Applications/Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update.app/Contents/_CodeSignature/CodeTopDirectory error=-10
  4. Version iMac v10.13.6 Kaspersky updated yesterday and seemed to be running fine. This morning, it said not all Kaspersky components were running and suggested I reinstall (or contact support). I updated and the system rebooted. Still problems with "not all components are running". Note, this same "not all components are running" behavior is showing up on my iMac (v10.13.6) and my MBP (v10.12) this morning. I downloaded and re-ran the install on my iMac. The installer script is stuck at 78% installation.
  5. I will add prior to updating KAV, I did perform the KeyChain Access "fix" for this issue too (google it), and I updated my OSX... so, it may have been fixed by those and/or the reboot.
  6. I just updated KAV to and the App Store is working fine with KAV running. I'll consider this resolved now.
  7. Hello. This is a new problem. I've confirmed that disabling KAV allows me to access the Mac App Store, and re-enabling KAV blocks access. So, it's definitely KAV. No errors are displayed anywhere. What I see is "Cannot Connect to the App Store" in the App Store window. What specific report information do you want? I'm not seeing any new report information in any of the sub-report areas when I start the App Store.
  8. Hello. I'm running KAV version on MacOS 10.13.6. I cannot access the Mac App Store if KAV is running. My Internet connection is fine otherwise, and I can access other sites without any problem. Only by turning off KAV protection am I able to connect to the Mac App Store. If I enable KAV protection, the App Store is no longer accessible. Is there a fix so I can run KAV internet security AND access the App Store.
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