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  1. Hello @puujeee, “Mongolia kaspersky internet security” means what exactly? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 Please let us know which Country you’re in, we’ll check if the patch has been released there:thinking: Mongolia kaspersky total uses kaspersky internet security, not total security
  2. The biggest problems is that in one computer with Microsoft Outlook 2019, all of a sudden all attachments come with a weird extension and it doesnt allow to preview the attachment nor to open it with the pertaining program. For example, excel attachments normally come with a .xls extension, however it is now displaying as .xls_ and you cannot open it or anything. PDFs are also coming with .pd_ I have tried searching online for thsi error but i cannot find it anywhere, and the only change made to the computer was the Kaspersky installation. I even tried deleting the email account and reinstalling it in case it was something relating to outlook and the file being correupted, however the problem persists. help
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