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  1. Hello! I just renewed my license on my desktop and wanted to include it to my laptop, i was able to have two of my own devices with the same license/activation code. But it is not letting me and i noticed that when i go to My Kaspersky under Subscriptions it says "one year protection for one device" Is this accurate? When did this change please? Any help or comments would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you Flood for that info, I had no clue! I will still do this and share in the response, many thanks!
  3. Sorry, i thought you were support, I am new at this forum. How do i get a reply from them? Hopefully they read this. Thank you for your help!!!
  4. Hi @Schulte I disabled the option and it is now fixed. Thank you! Does this mean, though, that attachments are not being checked by the antivirus or simply that it isnt being renamed? Thanks!
  5. Hello, sorry about the late response, but we dont work over the weekend so i couldnt check the computer in question. Yes, Rename attachment is enabled. Is this okay or should i disabled this at all?
  6. Hello, I recently installed Kaspersky Antivirus in 6 computers at the office. Two are presenting some issues I have not seen before. The biggest problems is that in one computer with Microsoft Outlook 2019, all of a sudden all attachments come with a weird extension and it doesnt allow to preview the attachment nor to open it with the pertaining program. For example, excel attachments normally come with a .xls extension, however it is now displaying as .xls_ and you cannot open it or anything. PDFs are also coming with .pd_ I have tried searching online for thsi error but i cannot find it anywhere, and the only change made to the computer was the Kaspersky installation. I even tried deleting the email account and reinstalling it in case it was something relating to outlook and the file being correupted, however the problem persists. I could you can assist Azucena
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