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  1. I have found a partial solution, albeit it took a little while. So I will list it here until Kaspersky can get around to fixing it. Going into "Settings" on Kaspersky > Additional > under heading "Secure Keyboard Input click "Manage Exclusions" > Add domain of choice to exclusion list. I highly recommend NOT using this method on banking or secure payment pages, however, for general website usage and communication - it is vital to ensuring a smoother input method. I will continue to find other methods when and where possible and share them here that others may not suffer the same fate.
  2. Perhaps this may assist you, It is 100% the Kaspersky plugin - when it is disabled, the text input works fine. I am not sure what would cause this to happen, but it's rather irritating when I am trying to type up an important document, etc, then this happens. This thread linked above is well over a year old, and shows that the issue has not been resolved.
  3. I just checked it and it's showing "J" is the installation. I think when I installed the AV it hadn't had the chance to update to the newest. Old installer, I guess. In any case, the issue is still present. Though I have noticed it that it occurs on any website where a text box. Most commonly, it happens on user forums - such as EA forums, Reddit & so on. It's not happening on this page, specifically. So I'm going to look into whether there is a script that is running on those page that shares common ground, it might be the issue. If so, I'll see if blocking the script assists with the issue. In any event, I'll try to find a solution myself since I know when I contact support for most companies, I get the run-around, more often than not. I'll report my findings.
  4. PC Specs? I mean, I'm running an Intel i7 10700k & 3080 RTX GPU with 32GB DDR4 ram. The only thing slow on this PC is the text input, which is 100% caused by this plugin. As for adding a video, I don't see how I can demonstrate what the issue is since, you'll just see the text being typed in. But it'll be typing about 10 seconds behind me finishing the sentence. So, I mean, it's a problem that was mentioned previously - as I highlighted before in the main post.
  5. Good evening all, I've noticed as of late when running Firefox - that KPM is responsible for lagging out text box entry and password fields. As required - System information below - Windows 11 Professional - Version 22H2 - OS Build : 22622.575 Kaspersky Installation Version - Firefox Version - 103.0.2 (64 bit) When I'm running Firefox, a clean and fresh installation - all plugins disabled (tested in safe mode too), I have observed that KPM is responsible for slowing down text input, password fields and general communication through the browser. Disabling the plugin - is the only solution to ensuring that the problem does not occur. It is 100% repeatable and has become somewhat troublesome, especially as I type rather speedy. So I tend to finish my paragraph and then watch it slowly clacker its way into the text field. Referring to User - Freud2004 in the thread written below - reveals the same issue, however, from 2 years prior. In terms of support, are there any planned fixes for this? I patiently await your reply, Sincerely, PJG
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