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  1. Hi, did not see your reply, thanks for the link, I will ask there. Yes I meet the requirements. I will share the outcome sure.
  2. I have total security, it includes the password manager and works finr on my desktop. However, on the macbook pro, the password manager seems to be stuck in a limited version and shows a buy premium button. When I click that button, a message says "updating subscription info..." forever. Nothin happens.
  3. I have just been charged £49.99 (I am in the UK) automatically to renew my licence. On amazon the same is nearly half that price. Having been with kaspersky for quite a long time, used to have the PURE product in the past, and even what they had before. I think it should be fair to offer a better price to long term, loyal customers. I probably missed the auto-renewal email, but that does not remove the problem of customer loyalty rewards.
  4. Just happened to me, I was charged £49.99 for something that should cost me £20 less if I get it from amazon. Been with them for years and I would expect my loyalty rewarded
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