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  1. Like important exclusions for the SQL server. Thank you, I will look at the link.
  2. Hi, I am looking for a best practices to configure a policy for SQL servers? We use Kaspersky Security Center 10. All other servers are up and running, but i don't know how i can configure a policy for a SQL server. I only have installed the agent on the SQL server and the SQL server moved now to the bin.
  3. Hi I hope someone can help me. I suddenly get a message from all Servers that the Virus Scan has not been running for a long time.The tasks have not changed. But I also can't find a task for Windows Servers called Virus Scan. You do have that for workstations.What do I do now to fix this? There are 37 servers at the moment with this warning.The servers run on Security application version I've upgraded a few to version, but that doesn't matter. There I even get all kinds of error messages with 'Object not scanned'.We have Kaspersky Security Center 10.
  4. I cannot turn off the inherited policy. The copy (1) is the test policy. These 2 policies are in the test group. This one is de production policy with i cannot disable.
  5. For the test policy it is also possible to change it. But I cannot disable inherited policy from Managed Devices ..
  6. 'force inheritance of setting in child policies' is already not checked for the policy on the top level.
  7. That is possible. Only the other policy remains active. And I want that other policy not to be active. Because that is the policy for the production computers. And I want a policy for only the test group without the policy for the production computers.
  8. Hello, thank you for your answer. I have copy the inherited policy, but i can not deactivate the inherited policy. The option is grey on the menu. I can only deactivate the policy from Managed Devices, not from the test group.
  9. Hi everyone, I have created a new group in the Kaspersky Security Center which I want to use as a test environment for a new layout with new policies and tasks. Only the policy and tasks of the Managed Devices is inherited. How can I ensure that this test group does not include a policy from the Managed Devices, without affecting the other existing groups. The inherited box is gray and I cannot change it for the test group. I have to adjust it from Managed Devices that I don't want. We use: Kaspersky Security Center AO Kaspersky Lab Version: 10.5.1781
  10. Hoi allemaal, ik heb in de Kaspersky Security Center een nieuwe groep aangemaakt welke ik als test omgeving wil gebruiken voor een nieuwe inrichting met nieuwe policies. Alleen is de policy van de Managed Devices inherited. Hoe kan ik ervoor zorgen dat deze test groep geen policy meeneemt van de Managed Devices, zonder dat dit invloed heeft op de andere bestaande groepen.
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