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  1. They want to call me from Malaysia at $2/min. No one on chat could help. My only option is to email?! The low level tech clerk tells me ALL Kaspersky support is in Malaysia making a phone conversation prohibitively expensive. There isn't one single Kaspersky call center person I've contacted in Malaysia who is capable of understanding technical issues. They're hard to understand due to their accent and headphones degrading the quality of the call. They have no answers. They have no solutions. They have no guidance. They have done zero to support KPM because they have no idea what the issue is, after THREE days! Does anyone know of a way to speak to a high level tech person at Kaspersky that doesn't cost a fortune? The low level tech person escalated my case to God knows who in Malaysia who I can't speak with. No good answers here I expect.
  2. Tech support was worthless. I'm close to uninstalling all copies of KTS from all my client's computers due to acutely bad tech support. Kaspersky took over my client's computer while I was watching. No solution. He said they'd escalate it. I got a call from Malaysia. At $2/min, that's a call I can't take. I thought I'd try here before moving my clients to a different solution. Client's husband (dementia) changed the password to KPM. Client can't get in. Downloaded a fresh copy with a new password. Went to import from backup copy 08/2022. Kaspersky states copy is too old and was for an earlier version, so can't import backup. I uninstalled all Kaspersky products from husband's computer hoping to prevent syncing to an empty database. Kaspersky states unable to help. Client has an accessible copy on her iPhone. Questions: 1) Is it possible to do a DB backup in the KPM app on an iPhone? If so, how? 2) Can I log out of KPM on my computer and log in again, but as my client, and try to restore from her backup without effecting my own DB? OR, should I just uninstall KPM from my computer and reinstall it under my client's account info and then try to import her backup copy? I ask because her pc is in need of maintenance and so, I don't know if her computer is causing the failure to import the backup. I'd like to try it on my pc which is in pristine condition. 3) What are the possible reasons that a DB backup done less than a year ago would cause a failure to import due to being too old? Tier one tech support was clueless and lost. 4) Is it possible to import a tab delimited DB backup into KPM? Client saved a text copy as an option in KPM. Shocking because if KPM offers the ability to save a copy as a text file, they should provide the ability to import from a text file or at least a tab delimited file created from a text file. If I have to manually recreate my client's DB, I will get rid of Kaspersky on all my client's computers. I don't need this headache. Thank you for your time.
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