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  1. Not Working... I gave up... it's not the first notebook that has this problem. the other one also gave and I had to reinstall everything and I didn't install the antivirus anymore. This one I just decided to restore the windows point, and EVERYTHING went back to normal. I'm going to ask for a refund/refund and return the antivirus, and get another one that doesn't RUIN ANYTHING ON THE COMPUTER, and that once installed, doesn't need to be juggled to work. Really, this antivirus, I will not recommend it to anyone, quite the opposite.
  2. After I installed the antivirus it just FULLY DISABLE my keyboard and any keyboard even USB. I can't use the keyboard other than the virtual one... I need to re-enable this URGENT, I need my keyboard working on my notebook, I need this working Don't show me links, because all the links I found are either with an old version of the antivirus, or are on any other subject once again, after installing the antivirus, my keyboard on my notebook WAS TOTALLY DISABLE, IT IS DEAD, AS IF IT WAS TURNED OFF, NOT EVEN CAPSLOOK WORKS, and before you ask, it worked PERFECTLY BEFORE INSTALLING THIS ANTIVIRUS I PAID AND NOW I AM NO KEYBOARD.
  3. OK, I purchased the license, and now, WHERE I DOWNLOAD the program ? I cant find the link, All google search, go to page of promotions...
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