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  1. Further to this, 5 hours later Asus AI Suite 3 started and ran on a fresh PC start, having failed only an hour earlier. On this occasion Windows 10 boot was slow and a Skype application update was requested and allowed. Otherwise, nothing else visible had changed. KIS was still on the original database update as this morning. It is a mystery as to why I didn't get the AI Suite 3 problem until 4 days after it was reported on here and after reboot from a Windows update. Now the "fix" doesn't work for over a day after others report success. It seems my PC thinks it exists in a different universe to what it should! Anyway, I am very pleased PC cooling control has been re-established and hope I don't have to waste any more time on it.
  2. After many KIS manual database updates and again after shutdown and restart at 11:55BST today, 16 August, I still have the problem with AI Suite 3 not running and producing the 2 error messages. Not fixed for me so not happy, Kapersky.
  3. Many thanks for that information, I see I do have Patch J but have no idea when it was applied as I had no reason to monitor such things - until now! I see Kaspersky say they have removed the problem change in today's update, so I'll see what happens with the next re-boot.
  4. I have exactly this problem too but only since 14 August 22. It first occurred on restart from Windows 10 Update on installation of KB5016616, KB5012170, KB5015730 and Servicing Stack 10.0.19041.1852. I assumed one of the above caused AI Suite 3 not to run, so I uninstalled the 2 that could be removed, KB5016616 & KB5012170 but Ai Suite 3 continued not to run with the 2 above warning boxes appearing each time it tries to be run. I had a look at "Services" from "Task Manager" where one could see AI Suite 3 appears to run for a few seconds then stop. I tried to re-install AI Suite 3 and failed. I tried to remove AI Suite 3 from "control panel - programs and features" and although the uninstaller appeared to run, AI Suite 3 did not un-install. This morning I found this thread, which leaves me wondering why I didn't get this problem earlier. I have automatic updates set "on" in Kaspersky so if a database update causes this problem I should have seen it at much the same time as other posters to this thread. So perhaps others had the Windows Update described above some time before me and that update is a factor in the problem arising after a Kaspersky update? I too am upset at the loss of Fan-Xpert cooling control, having all fans running flat out without need is just a waste of energy.
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