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  1. after all way to recover aura sync . i cant run aura . ai suit is ok but aura is not running . i tried everything error: aura service does not exist please install aura service first
  2. it wont work for aura ! all aura version . windows cant run aura service cuz kaser block this service
  3. kaspersky fix . ai siut is fix and work fine . but aura still not working !!!!!!!!
  4. @Flood and Flood's wife hi i dont see any database update or fixer (the issue still exist) . igur promised , kasper release fix on Monday 15.08.22 !! ?
  5. i cant install ai suit and aura the issue still exist at 2022 august 15 !!!!
  6. in asus MB z270 and z370 with win-10 64bit have same issue just like last month . there is no stable solution to fix it , just kaspersky can fix this with one tiny snap like thanos . pls fix this issue , it's so annoying and i like to use kaspersky product . thanks a lot
  7. thanks buddy . i think this bug return again , idk why . i have this issue last month and now its return . it's so annoying
  8. i have same problem last month its fix by kaseprsky update automatic ! and then i reinstall asus ai suit 3 and aura and yesterday again i have same problem with same error guys ! when i update my kaspersky total security and reboot my desktop its broken again ! have solution anyone ? i cant even install ai suit 3 and aura !
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