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  1. Just FYI, I’m running©. I’ll create a ticket as this was driving me insane for 2 days before I found the solution. Thanks, Larry
  2. I was unable to SUBSCRIBE to any Yahoo groups, only when using Firefox, Chrome worked OK. Although I saw my avatar in the upper right hand corner of the screen, so I know I was logged in, checking the SUBSCRIBE button in any group returned the error message that my session had expired. No matter how many times I logged in, this behavior persisted. The solution was to open Kaspersky, and after un-checking the "Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages" from Kaspersky Settings-Additional-Network and refreshing the youtube page, the SUBSCRIBE option works as expected. I found this solution on Bugzilla and wanted to share. However, Kaspersky needs to fix this behavior so I can reactivate "Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages". Thanks, The Meebster
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