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  1. Hello I tried that this morning and it seems to work. YouTube no longer asks me to sign in. Thank you so much for the help ☺
  2. Thank you for the quick reply but how do i install version . The link sends me to a page that says “Run Database Update to Install patch”. When i run the database update, the version stays at When i click on the Download button, it takes me to the main product page, When i try to download from there, it again tries to download version Is version officially released yet? I don’t know if this is a problem or not but my version of Windows 10 is a bit old. I am running version 10.0.18363. Thank you again for the help
  3. Hi from what i can tell, my version of Kaspersky Internet Security is My Firefox version is 84.0.1 Thanks in advance for the help
  4. Hello Every time I click on “Subscriptions”, YouTube in Firefox keeps asking me to sign in. i get asked to do this multiple times in one sitting. The problem also occurs when I try to leave a comment. I found out online that the problem was caused by Kaspersky and indeed uninstalling Kaspersky fixes this issue. It was also mentioned that this bug will be fixed by November 2020. We are in the end of December and the problem still persists. Please help if anyone knows how to fix this. This problem started happening to me abut 1 month ago (End of Nov 2020). Thank you
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