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  1. Now it says the key is blocked. Back to Defender……. again…..
  2. I give up! I ran the “KavRemover” rebooted as prompted, then ran the free version installer “ks4.”, after installation I login to MyKaspersky account to activate the application and it still is the Trial version….
  3. I tried to do a new clean install and by accident choose the Security Cloud Personal trial version. Now I can’t get back to the free version that I had earlier. Can someone please explain how to get back to the free version.
  4. Did you try a KSCloud clean install. How do I do that?
  5. Spoke to soon. 😟 Seems the problem has nothing to do with chrome what so ever. I left my computer for 10 minutes and when I went back the “Kaspersky Anti-Virus Service 21.1” was using 20% of my CPU and wouldn’t stop until I rebooted. It also happened when I manually scanned some files for virus. I guess it’s time to go back to Windows Defender….
  6. Well, I removed the Kaspersky Protection extension from chrome and the problem went away. I’ll guess I have to wait for an updated extension. Thank you Flood for the support. 👍
  7. This time the CPU load went up as soon as I visited this site, before the login, I am using Chrome. I tried the same thing with Edge and had no problem with high CPU load. I attach a new info file. Unfortunately it’s still in swedish, I dont want to mess with my windows settings.
  8. I removed the app and then reinstalled it and everything seemed fine until I decided to write this reply. As soon as i hit the “Login in with your Kaspersky account” button the CPU load went up to 20% and then it stays there until I restart the computer.
  9. I have the same problem with the free version of Kaspersky Security Cloud Everything was fine before the update.
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