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  1. I too have received such an email. Please explain more specifically what actually happened to give me and your other (presumably millions of) users some confidence that there hasn't been a data breach. I have all my sensitive and crucial passwords with your password manager app therefore am presently looking for alternative apps given the gross ambiguity in your explanation. What Kaspersky employee would create an email thread using those silly words. It seems clear that an external party with the mentality of an immature hacker would use those words, either that or a competitor attempting to undermine your reputation for security, somewhat successfully. Waiting (but not long) for a more credible and understandable explanation.
  2. All still seems ok so maybe there was an issue with kaspersky’s server at the time. Hopefully it won’t occur when I need to access those documents eg drivers licence etc.
  3. thanks for your prompt reply. I believe they were all PDF’s, however I’ve just checked again now and they’re all downloading fine which is really weird because I had internet earlier so I can’t think of why they wouldn’t have downloaded ? I’ll check again over the next few days in case the problem recurs. thanks again.
  4. I uploaded many documents to KPM a while ago and now wish to view them but they are greyed out with A download icon on top of the document and the word download underneath the icon but pressing either of the buttons does not work so I cannot access the documents. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug that needs fixing please?
  5. Hey Flood and Bernie, Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction ? Much appreciated. I did search for at least 15 minutes obviously in the wrong direction. If I understand those resources correctly, my password has been found on a site that lists leaked passwords which could mean its leaked from my data or by a coincidence someone else has the same password to any site and his data has been leaked. I guess even with a reasonably random password it’s possible someone has used the same password given that most daily net users probably have more than 100 passwords x the worlds population of net users, that’s not unfeasible. Of course having received the warning, the simplest and safest course of action is to change the password regardless ?
  6. The release notes of the latest version of Kaspersky Password Manager confirms it checks for possible password leaks and I have had 2 such reports of different passwords, however I believe they have not been leaked or compromised. Does anyone know how this report is triggered, what makes it believe/how would they know that a specific password has been leaked/compromised? I use KPM across different devices and multiple platforms as intended. Surely this wouldn’t trigger the report as if ‘unexpected users’ are logging in? Maybe it will report for all passwords not changed within a set time period??? Can Kaspersky please reveal this information as it is not in the release notes?
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