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  1. Hello everybody! Settings and all known issues are set correctly!!! Problem is in KSK and similar parental software. I tried to use google FamilyLink but it is also was hacked but other way than KSK. So, i got to know how KSK can be hacked !!!! 1. Child changes settings on phone that all information windows will popup above all other windows 2. Start using some restricted game/app, KSK will show up restriction window above all windows. 3. Child will do it AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE (actions: 1. restriction is shown 2. "OK" button click) until KSK CRASHES and HANGS UP!!!! Sometime it will crash after 30-60 seconds of that actions (time could be vary) 4. When KSK crashed it will hang up and will not work for some short time. During this short time child goes to KSK settings and changes local restrictions to "always allow" )))) That is it !
  2. Hello, my kid have found this video to unlock settings on his phone and cleared all restrictions. Now he is playng games out of restricted scheduled time!!!!!!! That is ouful i have bought premium KSF- NB! I think that all settings need to be moved out from child mobile to parent administration panel so he/she cant reset settings!
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