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  1. I've tried to remove it, but it keep getting recreated for some reason. Disinfecting with kaspersky also unable to permanently delete, it just keep re-created.
  2. So, is this an adware? Miner? Should I be concern? Could I remove it? Because I've tried different ways, but it still persist. OpenTip Reupload
  3. As additional information, this warning start appearing after I install Safing Portmaster and activating Windows Sandbox. Both are already uninstalled, but, the warning and files still persist.
  4. Hi, Recently there is notification from Kaspersky regarding KernelDriversDownload.dll in System32. I upload this file to virustotal and the result is 35/71 flagged as a threat. I had try to disinfect my computer several times but the file keep recreated. Is this false positive or not?
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