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  1. Hi Tossio, regarding your question: Since an empty line does not contain mandatory fields, an error message occurs during the import. I have just tried the import again and successfully created the entries for "Test111-Account" and "Test222-Account" with the following import file: "Account", "Login Name", "Password", "Web Site", "Comments". "Test111-Account","Test111-Login Name","Test111-Password","www.Test111.com","Test111-Comment" "Test222-Account","","","www.Test222.com","Test222-Comment" When creating the import file, the following points are important: 0. note that the beginning and end of each parameter must be marked with ". 1. the first line must contain the following content "Account", "Login Name", "Password", "Web Site", "Comments" 2. the entries to be imported follow 3. the storage must be in Unicode UTF-8 format (Important!) If you use the Windows Editor, change the character encoding from ANSI to UTF-8 before saving. 4. the file extension must be .csv (change the file extension from .txt to .csv if necessary) 5. for the import use the point in the description of Kaspersky which is also used for other password managers (Keepass, Lastpass, 1Password, etc.) (https://support.kaspersky.com/KPM/Win8.6/en-US/130516.htm) I hope it works Guenter
  2. Summary description for the structure of the file for csv. import from any application to Kaspersky Password Manager (as of February 2020): Example file "Account","Login Name","Password","Web Site","Comments" "1 MUST: Account","2 OPTION: Login Name","3 OPTION: Password","4 MUST: WebSite","5 NO IMPORT: Comment" "11 M","22 O","33 O","44 M","55 N" "111 M","222 O","333 O","444 M","555 N" M: must O: option N: no import attention: 1. there must be no empty line at the end of the file 2. the storage must be in Unicode UTF-8 (.csv) format Deutsch: Zusammenfassende Beschreibung für den Aufbau der Datei für den csv.-Import aus beliebigen Anwendungen nach Kaspersky Password Manager (stand Febuar 2020): Beispieldatei "Account","Login Name","Password","Web Site","Comments" "1 MUST: Account","2 OPTION: Login Name","3 OPTION: Password","4 MUST: WebSite","5 NO IMPORT: Comment" "11 M","22 O","33 O","44 M","55 N" "111 M","222 O","333 O","444 M","555 N" M: unbedingt O: option N: kein import Achtung: 1. am Ende der Datei darf keine Leerzeile vorhanden sein 2. die Speicherung muss im Unicode UTF-8 (.csv ) format erfolgen
  3. I receive the following answer to my request from kaspersky support on 27.01.2020: (this is my translation GER->ENG) “… Unfortunately there is no possibility to add comments in your CSV import format. There is a suggestion with the number 4034042 to improve this and your request has been added to it. This process may take up to a year or even longer if the suggestion(s) is/are finally implemented in our latest version. For this reason we are not able to inform you about the progress. However, you are welcome to contact us again in the future with the numbers to check on progress. ...” and here the original answer in german: “… Leider gibt es keine Möglichkeit um in Ihrem CSV-Import-Format Kommentare hinzuzufügen. Es gibt einen Vorschlag mit der Nummer 4034042 um dies zu verbessern und Ihre Anfrage wurde zu diesem hinzugefügt. Dieser Vorgang kann bis zu einem Jahr andauern oder auch länger, wenn der/die Vorschlag/Vorschläge letztendlich in unserer neuesten Version implementiert wird/werden. Aus diesem Grund ist es uns nicht möglich Sie über den Fortschritt zu informieren. Sie können jedoch mit Angabe der Nummern in der Zukunft gerne erneut mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen, um sich über den Fortschritt zu informieren. ...” GTom
  4. @FLOOD ❔ Are the LastPass “Comments” freeform text? Yes, only max 50 characters from my via LASTPASS importet comments from EXCEL (abc 123 #() e.g.) ❔ Have you installed KPM Premium Trial to test? I use my license from Total Security @Schulte I can confirm, I have no succeed in importing comments too. Any other idea or possibilities for the setup of my vault with including the import of my comments?
  5. Thanks for the sample. Because I need the comments, here another question: Can I get the comments into KPM in the following way export my Excel-Tab with my PWDs e.g. as csv into LASTPASS-Format (thats possible) import EXCEL-csv-file into LASTPASS export LASTPASS-Vault (with comments) into csv import LASTPASS-csv into KPM are the comments now in KPM?
  6. I can’t believe: is there NO plain csv import possible?
  7. I need for the Kaspersky Password Manager the csv-format for the import of my existing passwords from EXCEL. There exists only a very, very poor description for the csv-import! Has somebody an sample-file? Can it be (from KPM export format)? Website name; Website URL; Login name; Login; Password; Comment Do I have to store the csv in UTF-8 or ANSI?
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