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  1. hi @Flood and Flood's wife thanks for trying to help 1- check screenshot (1). 2- Yes its installed 3- i tried to sign in many time and after requiring a 2FA code from my mobile it shows that screenshot (2) 4- yes its been shuteddown many times over the last 2 days 5- Egypt 6- yes it was 7- Reasons & possible solutions actually what am figured out is my license is counting my previous PCs as its already using Kaspersky, while my previous 2 PCs are the same 2 PCS which am trying to install on it right now , so it couts that i've 4 PCs not 2 , that's why it counted my 3rd free subscription when i installed kaspersky software on my 2nd PC "AboNar-Work" i've changed my antivirus program for 1 year and came back to use kaspersky after installing a new windows of course. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife Thanks for your interest , - Am trying to add & activate by signing in by my current account after installing the "Kaspersky Security Cloud Free". - Yes i think it was installed before but it was long ago , as well as my 2rd device had "Kaspersky Security Cloud Free" installed previously but after installing it counts as a 3rd device. so to be clear am using only 2 device which had "Kaspersky Security Cloud Free" installed previously. and those same 2 device which am trying now to reinstall "Kaspersky Security Cloud Free" on them.
  3. hi , hope you can help me please i cannot add another device to my account , there's only 1 device in "My devices tab" while on my subscription is says "3 out of 3 devices protected" so , when am trying to add a new device it shows an error.
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