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  1. After a few days I have just discovered my issue was not Kaspersky software it was a game that I play. Civilization 5 on Steam was my entire issue, when I close the game it would hang in the background using all my resources. So, I really did not have an issue with Kaspersky at all.
  2. I have disabled rootkit scans and will follow through, I will follow up after trying this. I would also like to thank each one of you that has helped with this so far! Thank you
  3. My issue is this app is launching a rootkit scan all the time it seems. I do not have any scheduled tasks for any scans. How can I get Kaspersky Total Security 2020 to stop running this scan? The time frame the scan is taking is secondary, it is important of course and will need to be resolved at some point so I can set my schedules back up.
  4. The rootkit scan had started again. There has not been any changes that I know of on my computer. The scans were taking about 10-15 minutes prior to this situation.
  5. Okay, this looks like it is going to take a while another scan has started without me knowing. I am trying to stop it from running.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply! Sorry, I do have Kaspersky Total Security 2020. I added the images to the same doc and attached it here as well.
  7. I have Kaspersky Total Security 2019 and I get a similar issue. My rootkit scan runs everyday all day, it takes me about 15 minutes everyday to stop this scan to use me computer. The attachment shows the last scan, it duration is 21 hours and 54 minutes. This just recently started this behavior. Is there a setting somewhere to stop this? I have all my schedules changed to manual now and I cannot find anything else to stop this from happening. I have not tried to uninstall and reinstall yet.
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