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  1. Just did. Also cleared cache, temp files, and rebooted the pc. Nothing changed. :(
  2. No I only use Microsoft Edge (chrome). Like i said, Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages is unchecked.
  3. Sorry for the delay. Yes I am running v. Here is an URL to try: Amelia 46x - subtitles - download movie and tv series subtitles (opensubtitles.org) Click on a movie for example, and the site won’t load it
  4. Hello to the community. I am having problems with this me.kis.v2.scr.kaspersky-labs.com in some websites. I saw the related topics before i submitted this article, but some of these solutions still don’t work. I am using Edge Chromium 90.0.818.51 and paid subscription of Kaspersky Internet Security. It is getting pretty annoying and i wanted to know if this can be fixed somehow without completely restoring the browser to default settings. Now i just turn off the protection, load the website, and resume it again. Tried these but still don’t work: Moderator update: press Shift+F5 while at the site as a workaround to this issue. Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages is unchecked. Kaspersky Protection extension isn’t installed.
  5. Why can’t you proceed with uninstall > reboot > reinstall I will, i just want to see if there is any solution without having to uninstall, lose all my settings and then reinstall, configure it again all over.
  6. Yes, i have Assassins Creed Syndicate. In this game i got a notification that gaming mode is enabled.
  7. I do play the game in full screen, Kaspersky doesn’t respect that. And i did let it finish as you can see in my screenshot twice. See the timestamps (39 min ago and 10 min ago). Same amount of files checked. The “8 min ago” scan stopped by me. When i started playing again, another scan began. Problem presist.
  8. I re-installed the game, not Kaspersky. Didn’t work.
  9. I have Kaspersky Security Cloud (v. and every time i try to play “League of Legends”, it starts rootkit scans. When i am in a match, i have increased cpu and fps drop due to this thing. It finishes the scan and it starts again. I have gaming mode enabled but i think it bypasses it. I stop the scan, return to the game and after 5-10 minutes, the rootkit scan starts again. This doesn’t happen with other games. Is it a bug? I will disable protection until this is fixed.
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