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  1. DonKid's post in Problem between Window AppLocker and Kaspersky EPS 11.8 ...- 11.9 ... was marked as the answer   
    Please, open a ticket here.
  2. DonKid's post in deploy Kaspersky Network Agent in Windows Server Core was marked as the answer   
    Does this server have Firewall enabled?
    If not, you can try using this tool, or try installing Network Agent locally via command line.
    Msiexec /i “Kaspersky Network Agent.msi” /qn DON’T_USE_ANSWER_FILE=1 EULA=1 PRIVACYPOLICY=1 SERVERADDRESS=”KSC.Company.com” CERTSELECT=GetOnFirstConnection
  3. DonKid's post in Problem with Firefox to load dynamic PDF was marked as the answer   
    Please, open a ticket here.
  4. DonKid's post in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud - excluindo documentos do Office (Word, Excel) was marked as the answer   
    Por favor, abra um chamado clicando aqui.
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