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  1. Hi Does KIS automatically update, or must I manual update the app? Many thanks
  2. thanks berny, the link i was refering to was the one in your first response about returning all settings to default.
  3. Hi The link for how to restore default settings seems to be for kaspersky security cloud, i was able to find the site for kaspersky internet security 2017 and kaspersky internet security 2019, im not sure which kaspersky i have, it should be the latest . 2021? should i use one of these or is there another method. Many thanks
  4. Hi Does Kaspersky Internet Security update itself automatically, and must i manual reboot? Many thanks
  5. What are the recommended webcam settings? should I block all apps access and then make allowances one at a time or leave them at default? Many thanks
  6. how do you suggest i treat my webcam safety? should i block all apps and then make allowances or should i leave it with its default setting?
  7. Hi I was checking my scan settings and by mistake opened advanced settings, i am worried i effected them, is there a way to check they are on default settings and if not what should i set things to? Also for preventing spying through webcam, is selecting webcam protection on good enough. Or must I select block access to webcam for all apps and the turn that off each time i use my webcam and back on again after. Many thanks
  8. When I opened up vulnerability scan to check the settings the vulnerability was being shown in kaspersky this was without me doing any extra scanning but I wasnt notified, so i only realised there was something to fix because i lucky was adjusting settings.
  9. An Update: I followed Kasperskys instructions to fix the vulnerability, which was to update through the link they provided. That didn’t fix it, and I can’t find the application/program using the nomal windows 10 methods to delete it. Any advice would be great.
  10. Hi I vulnerability scan automatically each week. When I went to check the exact settings I found that although the scanning was happening Kaspersky wasn’t notifying me that there were vulnerabilities. Do I need to manually check each week or would kaspersky have brought it to my attention after a while. Many thanks.
  11. Hi I no longer have a Kaspersky icon in my system tray in the bottom right. Is Kaspersky still running and how can i get the icon back? Many thanks Nick
  12. Thanks Berny What I mean though, is if it is safe for me to manage my passwords or do I need Kaspersky Password Manager
  13. So will Kaspersky Internet Security be good enough on its own?
  14. Hi Am I safe to browse the web without Kaspersky Password Manager? I am the only person with access to my devices. Many thanks
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