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  1. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife 5- When I added outlook to trusted apps, problem has disappeared so it solved my problem thank you
  2. Hello F&F’s W So 1- on the outlook I have 3 different account the one ☝🏻 use for job with exchange has the problem. When I open the while KTS is running it keeps asking for password again and again till I press x for cancel. In that situation the other 2 accounts runs fine.we when is KTS is closed or uninstalled the exchange is running 2. I have than both ways keept the license next time I uninstalled everything 3. yes the problem insists I have done it 3 time to make sure. 4.I’m using a Hp omen laptop with windows 11 pro on it yesterday I made the latest update to 2H22 all drivers are updated 5. I will recheck it and write back about it
  3. Hello People, I'm using exchange account on Microsoft 365 outlook app. for 2 weeks ago app start asking password continuously and did login to the account. I tried almost everything including Reset windows. Today i get aware that Total Security is causing this. ( When i deleted the Kaspersky to problem goes away) I tried disable email protection didnt work out either I want continue using Kaspersky and the app same time did some happened this too? or does someone know any solution? Thank to in front.
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