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  1. The current blocking of websites because the certificates are incorrect is now getting to be unacceptable I would like to turn off this facility but there does not seem to be an "off" switch Can anyone advise the best procedure to switch this off in Internet Security? Any help is most appreciated Regards TW
  2. Hi Thanks for getting back Unfortunately I cannot post a picture of the site because it blocks access I am thinking that it could be due to the extremely poor broadband, (UK high speed fibre...... that comes on old twin copper and would make anyone in Asia burst out laughing at how slow it is!). I wonder if the data is being resolved efficiently and this causes the https certificate errors. All I am looking for is if there is a setting so that I can turn this off I do not even know what it would be called. "certificate checking"? I do know that it trips up regularly on perfectly secure sites Any tips or advice would be most welcome Many thanks
  3. Thanks for the information I wonder why this is hidden. I would have expected this to be important information and displayed prominently on the control panel
  4. Recently I am getting blocked from visiting websites due to certificate problems and I think it is Kaspersky that is doing this It is Kaspersky Internet Security. I cannot find the version number anywhere from the kaspersky control panel Is there a setting I can use to switch this off? Many thanks
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